Introducing the “Nishmati Texas” Branch

We are very excited to present to you: “Nishmati Texas”, our first fellowship group outside of our Virtual Online Group.  This location of Nishmati will be located in the Fort Worth/Arlington area and will serve all of Texas and its bordering states of: Louisana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico.

The Director of the Nishmati Texas Branch is: Nishmati Ambassador, Rosemary Martinez. We are very proud that she has taken on this task in Texas. She plans on hosting Nishmati studies, Zoom conference chats, ladies retreats, as well as road trips and other special events for all of the ladies in the surrounding areas who will be joining in on the fellowship.

Located “Deep in the heart of Texas”, this Nishmati branch is rooted in history as it also serves as the state of Keturah’s upbringing and southern roots. “HaShem has a special way of reconnecting us sometimes to people or places in our past. We may not understand why we go through things or are raised a certain way, or meet the people we do, etc. but when we know that something is a part of our path in life, we can respect it and enter into peace knowing the next steps are ordered by HaShem Himself. For this, I am very grateful that I met Rosemary because I always wanted to bring my husband’s teachings back to our home in Texas after these past few years living in Canada. Now we are able to do this and raise up and mentor other women who are able to grow spiritually and mentally. Nishmati is a bridge to the Jewish world and for those women who want to be there, I am making a way to connect them to these teachings no matter where they live,” stated Keturah.

Our Nishmati groups are created to serve as “member/community fellowship”. When an organization has a membership, it is able to fully benefit from the support, fellowship, and community that it has within its own self.  This helps boost member morale and creates a true sisterhood where everyone is constantly encouraged and can grow spiritually and have lots of fun. Sadly in this day and age, everyone is in competition with each other. They fight with or want to out-do the next person. One of Nishmati’s goals is to show everyone how true fellowship and joy is done…with no competition or petty quarrels, only love for each other. We hope and pray that this branch of our ministry will also serve as a beacon of light to others around it proving that we can live far away, but can still come together with the same heart and purpose- and simply becoming friends.

Join the Nishmati Texas Facebook Group HERE!!! for more info on how to reach Rosemary, sign up for the activities and Bible studies as well as what the requirements are for some of the activities being planned out in you opt for membership ability.

- Love, The

Nishmati Ambassadors

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