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Currently, we have fellowship groups for our Online LadiesTexas, USA, and Southeast Asia! Our network is in the process of growing and many women have shown interest in having a local group. If you are in the need of fellowship and know of more ladies around you, you may be able to grow your circle with Nishmati! Click HERE to find out how you can grow your own group as an Ambassador!



Thank you so much for your support in our global outreach to make an impact in the lives of women everywhere! Because of you, women who may not have local fellowship groups are able to enjoy having sisters around the world that care for them! If you are lead to give a donation, please scroll down to do so!

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Donate today so we can continue to host our free group studies, podcasts and help impact teens and women all over the world.

When you donate, you help in the following ways:

  • Help Women find fellowship in their area.

  • Provide Pre-teens & Teens with care packages to help them in their spiritual growth and to help them take care of their bodies.

  • Freely give USB thumb storage devices to Women with various encouraging messages, sermons, and music to help motivate them. The use of technology for making a change in the world is an awesome avenue in an ever-changing digital-driven world.

  • Help provide resources to women in areas of low income that are not able to do certain things like buying shoes or clothes for job interviews. Help train them for creating their own businesses and job opportunities from their visions and dreams. This can help them get out of their current situation into a more prosperous one. Many women have ideas and hobbies that could turn into a steady income. It is our goal to teach them how they can be self-sustained and not dependent on the government or other forms of welfare. 

  • Help keep our group studies, podcasts, and mini-workshops free for everyone regardless of location.

  • Help translate various teachings and messages of hope to women in different languages.



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When you donate, you help us reach teens and women all over the world!