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Join the movement to create a Nishmati Group in your area. Leaders train every 3 months to stay on top of personal growth, group development, and ministry skills.


Be the example that God wants you to be by teaching others about the lifestyle needed to please God and to be a Woman of purpose. Use your life experiences- both good and bad as testimony in the lives of those around you.


Grow your community into a loving community of women who are there to prepare the way for the next generation. Leaders help create more leaders, which keeps the movement growing.


With the help of Nishmati and other resources, your community of women will gain the knowledge needed to be self-sustained in life, business, home, work, and their spirituality. Join in on various studies throughout the year or create local experiences for your women!


Your local group will be able to make a huge impact in the areas around you by participating in various community service projects. This could be making trips to the Anti-abortion centers to help minister to teens and other women when they need it. You could also visit women and children centers that are for those escaping abuse. Other forms of service could be visiting places where many young women have a history of low self-esteem and helping them realize their potential. There are many ways to bless your area and having a community of women to help can change lives for the better.



Be able to direct others with grace and mercy. Lead by example.


Confidence in oneself and the ability to ask others for guidance and prayer. Pride is not a good look.


Practice good speech without gossip or allowing her good to be evil spoken of.


Be able to stand in the gap for Nishmati and the community that you are representing and submit to the leadership within our structure. Be able to find women within her community to help lead as a team so that the burden is not strictly on the shoulder of one person.


Practice patience when you can, judgment when you should, and in between those lines- show grace and understanding.


Be able to connect with her group and establish clear guidelines and boundaries for the women in her community.


Knowledgable about the subjects needed to discuss in studies and when knowledge is needed, gain the training and teaching available to better oneself before teaching others.


Be able to locate venues and resources for your group and community with regards to study areas, community service, and fellowship. In general, have the knowledge needed to run a local group successfully.

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