About Us

Nishmati Ambassadors is a member organization dedicated to the advancement of the Modern Godly Woman. The organization was formed in 2020 under the umbrella of Nishmati Soul Inc. 


Created by Keturah Malinconico in 2015 from her desire to see believing women empowered and motivated, Nishmati has since then become a movement in women empowerment for spiritual, motivational, and inspirational teachings for believing women.  With amazing women's conferences, workshops, and online seminars, Nishmati has grown over time so that women in need of fellowship can form their own Nishmati chapter of Ambassadors to help care for the needs of their local community. The Ambassadors of the movement make sure that teens, young adults & women of all ages would grow to be who they are called to be regardless of their race, religious background, or past negative life situations. We currently have Ambassador groups online, in Texas, the USA, and Southeast Asia. 

How do we empower women? We use a simple formula:


Proverbs 31 Woman + Titus 2 Mentor = An Empowered Godly Community of Women

This formula means that you achieve the level of being a balanced "Godfearing Woman" when you are properly mentored within a positive community of other Godly Women. When this happens, we become "Women of Valor" as described in Proverbs 31.  Nishmati Ambassadors strives to make sure that the Modern Godly Woman is not bound by false concepts of what the secular world thinks a woman should be as well as what sadly, most religious circles think a woman should be as well. Balance is the key and we truly believe this. When a godly woman balances her spiritual life with her home, work, and life in general, she has a better understanding of her purpose. This keeps her motivated to achieve her dreams.


When she knows who she is in God's eyes, nothing is impossible and Nishmati Ambassadors is here to teach and help her! Through free online bible studies, health and mental health mini-workshops, and local and online fellowship groups, Nishmati Ambassadors plan to create an army of women who know their worth and are not afraid to go forth helping other women know their self worth as well.


Join us in our mission today!


Although we embrace both Jewish & Christian ideals, thoughts, and teachings, we are an open community for any female teenager, young adult, or woman of any age, race, background, or creed who is open to our values and dedicated to our cause. It is through outreach and walking your talk - that others will see the light within our own selves. That is what changes hearts- not what you confess to believe. "A tree is known by its fruit".

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To Empower Women around the World so they know their true self worth and can navigate through life's sweetness and its hardships with faith and confidence, victory in God, and prosper in all that they do, by conquering their fears to become women of destiny and purpose.


Our Vision

To create opportunities of fellowship for women around the globe.

To create mentors that will "Teach a woman to fish so she can teach others as well" and become light to this generation and the next.

To show the secular world and religious circles what it truly means to be a "Modern Woman of God".

To give confidence and support to women and teens in communities that suffer from lack of self-esteem, resources, and a poor quality of life.


To bless those who are plagued from generational curses from the lack of father/ mother figures by showing them how to get out and rebuild a better life spiritually, financially and physically.

To make sure that women of all races, creeds, and backgrounds have the opportunity to understand that they are "Daughters of the Most-High" and that this comes with benefits more valuable than worldly achievements.

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